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DC-Bass Source Mod


DC-Bass Source Mod is a fork, a continuation of DCoder's Bass Source Filter.
The DC-Bass Source Filter is a DirectShow filter wrapped around the powerful and highly efficient BASS audio library. With this you can play a lot more audio formats than Windows by default is capable of in any DirectShow player, like Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic - Home Cinema.
DCoder's stopped updating as from 13-09-2010, but DC-Bass Source didn't support enough audio formats for my taste. In the past I've done some simple coding in Pascal (Delphi) and I noticed DC-Bass Source was written in Pascal as well. I decided to have a look and after a lot of trial and error I managed to fix some bugs and add support for a couple more audio formats. This resulted in DC-Bass Source Mod. Enjoy!

It currently supports the following audio formats:

Sample audio Tracker audio
 - MPEG-1 Layer 2 & 3 (.mp2, .mp3)  - Impulse Tracker Module (.it)
 - Other MPEG audio (.mpa, .m1a, .m2a)  - Tracker Module with MP3 or OGG samples (.mo3)
 - Vorbis (.ogg, .oga)  - Tracker Module (.mod)
 - Opus (.opus)  - Multi Tracker Module (.mtm)
 - Advanced Audio Coding (.aac, .m4a, .m4b)  - Scream Tracker 3 Module (.s3m)
 - MusePack (.mpc)  - Unreal Tournament music package (.umx)
 - Fast Tracker 2 Extended Module (.xm)
 - Waveform Audio File Format (.wav)
 - Audio Interchange File Format (.aif, .aifc, .aiff)
 - Compact Disc Audio track (.cda) SHOUTcast/Icecast (live audio streams)
 - MP3
 - Apple Lossless Audio Codec (.alac, .m4a)  - OGG
 - Monkey's Audio (.ape, .mac)  - AAC
 - Free Lossless Audio Codec (.flac)  - OPUS
 - OptimFROG (.ofr)
 - Tom's verlustfreier Audiokompressor (.tak)
 - True Audio (.tta)
 - WavPack (.wv)


With the installer "DCBassSourceMod_1.5.2.1.exe" DC-Bass Source Mod will install automatically. To uninstall go to "Add or Remove Programs" on the Control Panel, or run "Uninstall.exe" in the installation directory. Enabling only certain formats isn't possible at the moment. The installer enables all supported formats.

With the archive "(DCBassSourceMod_1." you have to manually install or uninstall DC-Bass Source Mod. Extract the content and double-click Register.bat to install DC-Bass Source Mod or Unregister.bat to uninstall. On Windows 7 make sure you have admin rights, or right-mouse-click the bat-file and !

All supported audio formats are enabled by default (except for WAVE and AIFF), but with Formats.ini you can change that if you want. Open the ini-file in Notepad and simply change the 1 to a 0 for an audio format you'd like to disable. Whenever you want to change Formats.ini, make sure you do so before running Register.bat!

If you'd like to use DC-Bass Source Mod in addition to LAV Filters, you can use Formats_LAV.ini. Backup Formats.ini and rename Formats_LAV.ini to Formats.ini. If you then run Register.bat, only those audio formats that LAV Filters doesn't support will be activated and LAV Filters remains fully functional.

Extra info

I won't be updating DC-Bass Source Mod anymore.
I'm no programmer and actually right from the start I realized I didn't have the programming skills to really keep this DirectShow filter up-to-date. I've tried to find and have spoken to a lot of people who do have the skills and might be interested in updating DC-Bass Source Mod, but so far no luck.

I've used Delphi 7 for DC-BSM and to make it easier for anyone who likes to compile DC-BSM, I've uploaded: Dependencies.7z, Dependencies.txt and DC-BSM_todo.txt here.

Dependencies.7z is all you need to setup Delphi 7. Extract the content 1 directory higher than "dcbasssourcemod" (found in DCBassSourceMod_1.5.2.0_Source.7z). Next, for Delphi 7 at least, you need to double-click and compile DirectX9_D7.dpk, DSPack_D7.dpk and DSPackDesign_D7.dpk in the DSPack\packages directory.
Dependencies.txt, as found in the "Source files", but with a complete summary of changes made.
DC-BSM_todo.txt are my notes of bugs and ideas.


Windows 7 Download - Editor's Pick Windows 8 Downloads - Editor's Pick
DirectShow FilterPack is Windows 7 compatible DirectShow FilterPack is Windows 8 compatible


DC-Bass Source Mod (Archive, 814KB)
DC-Bass Source Mod (Installer, 933KB)
DC-Bass Source Mod (Source files, 613KB)
DC-Bass Source Mod (Archive,
DC-Bass Source Mod (Installer,
DC-Bass Source Mod (Source files,

DC-Bass Source Mod (Installer,
DC-Bass Source Mod (Archive and Installer,


v1.5.2.1 (30092015)
 -fixed: BASS (add-ons) updated to version
 -fixed: TAK Decoder Library updated to version

v1.5.2.0 (24022013)
 -fixed: BASS (add-ons) updated to version
 -fixed: now only original filename BASS add-ons accepted
 -fixed: extension list updated and extended
 -added: support for Waveform Audio File Format (.wav)
 -added: support for Audio Interchange File Format (.aif, .aifc, .aiff)
 -fixed: double registry folder
 -added: uninstall now also removes registry settings

v1.5.1.0 (23082012)
 -fixed: BASS add-ons updated, specifically BASSOPUS:
  BASSOPUS fixes a channel order issue

v1.5.0.0 (27072012)
 -fixed: BASS (add-ons) updated to version
 -added: support for the brand-new IETF Opus audio codec (.opus)

v1.4.0.0 (20022012)
 -fixed: BASS (add-ons) updated to version
 -added: support for MPEG-1 Layer 2 (.mp2)
 -added: support for Compact Disc Audio track (.cda)
 -added: support for Tom's verlustfreier Audiokompressor (.tak)
 -fixed: cursor on About-tab on Properties page