Colin McRae Rally 2005
Video Support

My videos are high quality "chapterized" MKV[H.264+Vorbis]-files (MKV-files with embedded H.264 Video and Vorbis Audio).
To watch these MKV-files you'll need a MKV-Splitter, a H.264 Video Decoder and a Vorbis Audio Decoder.

The easiest and quickest way to watch my videos is by downloading Media Player Classic Home Cinema.
Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a very simple yet very powerfull media player with many additional features. It already
has many Splitter-filters as well as Decoder-filters embedded, so you don't have to download them seperately anymore. And
as a bonus, the embedded H.264 Video Decoder offers DXVA support. This means, if you own a modern* graphics card, it
can completely decode the video stream. Hereby the graphics card (GPU) takes a lot of pressure off of the processor (CPU).

   * ATI Radeon HD series, nVidia GeForce 8xxx and 9xxx series.

If you're using another DirectShow media player, you can take a look at my "DirectShow FilterPack".

In Media Player Classic (Home Cinema) click "View" and "Options". Click "Internal Filters" and enable "Matroska", "Vorbis"
and "H264/AVC (DXVA)". Then click "Audio Switcher" and make sure the built-in audio switcher filter is enabled.
Now you can watch videos with multiple audio tracks and select the one you want.
Like I said, my videos are "chapterized". At any time you can click "Navigate" and "Jump To" to select a different chapter
just like on a DVD movie. And finally for those of you interested, you can click "View" and "Information" to see some file-
information like codecs, resolution and bitrate.

2006, Reino "CoRoNe" Wijnsma